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Who is Mentor Park Alex for $1 billion?

Ding, ding, ding. Congratulations, you have just won 1 billion dollars.

Much like playing games like Jeopardy, Monopoly, chess, etc., life is the meaningful game of strategy and knowledge combined with a little luck. Good luck is said to be when hard work meets opportunity. The decisions you make in a board game can determine whether you win or lose with not a lot at stake. In the real game of life your decisions can impact you dramatically, determining your life trajectory and quality of life. Knowledge is power. Newfound information and knowledge improves decision making, leading to higher achievement. This is where Mentor Park comes in. We are the world’s help button.

People need other people; no explanation needed. Is there really such a thing as a “self- made,” man? Relationships can be the difference between success and failure. That’s why networking events are so popular. Finding the right person who can catapult your endeavor to the next level can be invaluable. We can ask a machine a question and get quick answers, but the question must be confined to a small set of variables. People can reason where machines cannot; herein lies the value of the human touch.

We all know traditional mentoring is done for free and in person. This is great in theory but not practical in this new age of information. It doesn’t allow mentoring to serve mankind in a big way. Restrictions of time, location and compensation do not have to exist. Imagine if people could make a living mentoring. This would open up mentoring as a vocation and allow mentors compensation for their time, expertise and wisdom. The internet of things has already opened up a new world of communication; now all we have to do is build the mentor network and eliminate barriers the restrictions.

Life is getting more complex and intricate and having an expert on your team can mean all the difference. Having the entrepreneurial spirit, idea, passion; is admirable but beyond that, action is required. Will you will it into being? It took some years to come to fruition but Mentor Park was a product of steadfast ideology and determination. A lot of people face a lack of resources. This is the niche filled by Mentor Park. We find talent to help you help yourself. Everyone here at Mentor Park is for you and your success and we won't give up on you.

Peoples pursuits are novel and outside their circle of knowledge. Not all people have access to someone who can readily help them. In fact, most people don’t. This is apparent to Kent Wyatt who is the founder of Mentor Park. “This was my experience when I was looking for someone to help me; I couldn’t find anyone of caliber. I could have used a site like Mentor Park had it been available.” – Kent Wyatt,

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention Says An Old English-Language Proverb. We Can And We Choose To. Voilà - Mentor Park.