If it's not clear already, mentoring must be compensated. It has to be; for millions of people need helpful advice and inspiration and without compensating mentors, the vast majority of the need will be left wanting. Mentors have a lot of value and this should be recognized.

If you have a particular field of interest where you feel you are an authority and can prove to be a good mentor to someone who is interested in your area of expertise, we are interested in working alongside you as one of our mentors here at Mentor Park. For detailed information regarding the mentor application and compensation program, please use this link to move forward with the process.

Mentor Park Mentor Program

Mentor Park intends to expand our mentor program into countless areas of interest and continue to build upon our mentor staff. We will eventually expand into other languages and countries. Mentoring itself has no limits. People will always continue to expand their knowledge and aspirations and seek a purpose driven life.