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About Me

Though I’ve been through trials and tribulations, I understand as a child of God, we are all in need of mentorship, fellowship and support. Though you may be coming out of a very difficult season, seeking support and leadership is essential. I’m here to encourage and motivate you as you walk along God’s pathways. We should all be a comfort as God us comforted us. As an emotional support specialist and women of God, Christian mentorship is my calling. As you heal and rediscover yourself, I am here to help you stay motivated as you press toward Christ. As I share testimonies and help you create and seek peace within your life, rest in Christ’s love and abundance. God Bless

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    Spiritual Support
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    Spiritual Counseling & Relational Studies


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    Norfolk State University
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    Norfolk state
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    Bachelor Degree
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    United States
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God is Everything.

The Prayer Journal: God is My Everything 

It's important to see God in everything you are going through. Sit and ask yourself, what is God trying to teach me about himself. Always look to the cross in the midst of your struggles knowing that what's before you isn't always what it seems. God is building up your spirit in the midst of your trials. Keep pushing forward. Apply biblical scriptures and perspectives to the issues that you are facing.