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About Me

Hi, I’m Bea (Like Bumble Bee) My experiences have created a passion in me to help other people restore their health. I believe there is always hope regardless of a person’s present condition or struggle. My mission is to educate people like you about the power of real food and to help you in your own personal journey towards regaining your health. Everyone wants to feel normal and live life as God intended and I would enjoy working with you to help you achieve the kind of life and wellness that you desire. Remember: The human body is a wonderful creation of God. While today's food is convenient and quick, that doesn't mean it's healthy. It's my belief that degenerative diseases have become so prevalent because the food we eat no longer contains sufficient nutritional value.

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    Wellness Coach


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    Texas Women’s University
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    Nutrition & MBA
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    Master's Degree
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    Nutrition/Life Skills


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    United States
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