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About Me

One of my biggest motivators to be a mentor is my passion for life-long learning. I take on a learner-approach in which I learn and grow with my mentees. I will take the time to learn about my mentees' personality, learning styles, interests, abilities, needs, and challenges and work with them to create activities that are personalized, meaningful, and beneficial for my mentees. I understand the feeling of having to wait for a response; for this reason, I am responsive to mentees' needs and concerns. I work with mentees to explore communication expectations. Depending on mentee's learning styles, I develop personalized activities, which may include reading articles, watching videos created by me to help mentees understand specific concepts, and/or fun games such as Bitmoji classrooms, multiple choice, checklists, and quizzes. Mentees are always encouraged to provide me with feedback to help me improve my mentoring experiences for them. I provide mentorship on areas such as - Personal Growth (Ex: Soft skills, life/work/school balance, self-care, proactivity, responsibility, time management). - Academic Learning/Development, primarily in Early Childhood Education - Areas of interests by mentees. My mentorship is meant to help mentees develop a passion for life-long learning as well as become more proactive in developing and growing in their personal and professional journey. I work alongside with mentees and provide guidance that encourages them to engage in critical thinking and self-care.

Personal Details

  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
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  • Primary Language
  • Primary Expertise
    Early Childhood Education
  • Secondary Expertise
    Intellectual, Social, and Emotional Wellness - Gratitude, Listening, Proactivity, Self-care, Conflict Management, Problem-solving


  • University
    California State University, Long Beach
  • College
    California State University, Fullerton
  • Type of Degree
    Master's Degree
  • Course of study
    Early Childhood Education; Child and Adolescent Studies


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    United States
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