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About Me

Hey there! My name is Emily Greig, and I am a Christian mentor specialized in spirituality, relationships, and mental health. I have been mentoring children and young adults for nearly a decade, and in the more recent years I have expanded my expertise to leadership coaching as well. One of my greatest joys is using the experiences that God has given me to invest in another’s journey through life. From trauma recovery, to relationships , to your walk with God—I will listen, empathize, and guide you with godly wisdom. You have a purpose. Your past, your present, and your future all matter to me. I hope to be a part of your journey, healing, and thriving!

Personal Details

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  • Primary Expertise
    Spiritual Counseling/Relationship Counseling/Mental Health
  • Secondary Expertise
    Empathetic Listening/Problem Solving/Conflict Management/Self-Care/Leadership/Guidance


  • University
    Tidewater Community College
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    Community College
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    United States
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