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About Me

Hello! My name is Shauntice, but those that know me well call me Shaun. I am an experienced leader who has a passion for helping new leaders develop into the leaders that they desire to be. My approach is simple. As a servant leader, I share my experiences whether good or bad with you. I will walk with you through your leadership journey by offering practical advice, solutions, and development opportunities. I have extensive experience as a nonprofit director. However, my career has taken me to the corporate world where I have been blessed with the opportunity to expand the depth of my knowledge. As a coach, help guide you to becoming the best version of yourself. I would love to have an introductory session with you. Let's begin our journey together.

Personal Details

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    Leadership Development Coach
  • Secondary Expertise
    Employee Relations, Leadership, Training, Employee Moral


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    Auburn University at Montgomery (AUM)
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    Master's Degree
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    Public Administration


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    United States
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