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About Me

I'm a social worker by trade with strong background as mental health professional with over 20 years of experience. I have served people from various backgrounds and cultures. Possess extensive experience working with refugees and immigrants. As a naturalized citizen, I can relate to many of life's transitions and the stressor's refugees and immigrants face, including displacement due to many reasons, war, famine, natural disaster and or anything traumatic. Separation and loss are hard, and I can assist navigating resources and systems as well as grief counseling. I speak five languages, and I encourage and inspire others. I can help with problem solving/ conflict resolution and parenting in a foreign county. I will use my skills I have to help you cope, adopt, and thrive in difficult times and beyond. I will partner with you on your journey and lend a warm ear and compassionate heart. I will empower you to think different and help improve decision making for personal /professional development that leads to higher achievement. I’m here to uplift, empower and build you up. I have passion to help others and I do my job with alacrity and sincerity. I have burning desire to put my God given potentials to use for it gives me purpose and meaning. I have a heart for humanity and relationships.

Personal Details

  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact no.
  • Primary Language
  • Primary Expertise
    Restore social relationships, mental health counsel and psychological support, problem solving, decision making, managing crisis, conflict resolution, grief support, parenting in foreign culture, Rebuilding /adapting to new life, navigating community reso
  • Secondary Expertise
    Entrepreneur, financial educator, proactive, good work ethics, organized, positive attitude towards life, advisor, Genuine, able to build rapport, friendly and down to earth.


  • University
    University Of Missouri Kansas City
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    Master's Degree
  • Course of study
    Social Work


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    United States
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    Kansas City