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About Me

Hello! I have been in education for 36 years. I have 23 years in public education and 13 years in higher education. I recently joined Mentor Park as an educational mentor. So if you or your students need help with the writing process or anything else education related including managing students or managing a classroom, please look me up! I'm happy to help.  I have experience mentoring K-12 students, early career teachers, and researchers in academic writing. I also love helping people find a vocation, occupation, or research passion in order for you to become the professional you were meant to be.

Personal Details

  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact no.
  • Primary Language
  • Primary Expertise
    College Prep Writing, Graduate level Writing
  • Secondary Expertise
    Assistive/adaptive technology, teacher preparation


  • University
    Walden University
  • College
    School of Education
  • Type of Degree
  • Course of study
    Education Technology


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    United States
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