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About Me

With ten years of experience in the health and wellness industry, Marissa has created a holistic approach to mentoring those looking to naturally improve their life in all ways. She has developed a system of 11 pillars of longevity; Movement, Recovery, Nutrition/Gut Health, Brain Health, Sleep Routine, Mental Health, Environment, Social Connection, Purpose, Gratitude & Healthy Transitions. Through these 11 pillars, she will create an individualized approach, navigating a path towards holistic wellness, guiding you to embrace small habitual changes that will enhance your current and future health. She also specializes in movement and recovery of all kinds. Whether you are looking to reduce pain, increase flexibility, or improve overall lifestyle, Marissa has the expertise to customize each individual client to cater to their goals.

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    Longevity Coach, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, Whole Foods & Non Toxic Lifestyle Coaching
  • Secondary Expertise
    Fitness Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Mobility Coach, Flexibility Coach, Bodyweight Strength Trainer, Calisthenics Trainer, Inversion Trainer


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    Susquehanna University
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    Susquehanna University
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    Bachelor Degree
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    United States
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