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About Me

I have played poker professionally for a living in the Los Angeles area for the last 14 years, specializing in full-ring no-limit Texas Hold'em cash games. I have extensive knowledge of the various games and players at Commerce Casino, the Bicycle Club, Hustler Casino, and Hollywood Park. Most of my experience has been at the $5/$10 blinds level, but I also have substantial experience at $5/$5 and $2/$5 no limit. I really love teaching and coaching players on how to succeed in the poker world, and I can help you take your game and mental state to the next level, whether you are interested in learning what it takes to play poker for a living, want to turn poker into a profitable side hustle or hobby, or are simply a recreational player who is looking to become a winning player at your chosen stakes. I know what it takes to win at the poker tables in Los Angeles, since I have done it for the last 14 years. Prior to playing poker, I was an attorney for 10 years at 4 different law firms. I left my job as an attorney in 2010 during the depths of the Great Recession to purse a career as a professional poker player and have no regrets and have never looked back. If you are willing to put in the time and effort in learning and applying the lessons I teach you, my mentorship and coaching will pay for itself in transforming your losing or break even results into winning profits.

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    Attorney, Lawyer


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    UC Davis King Hall School of Law
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    UC Berkeley
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