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About Me

Hi. I believe that there is no such thing as coincidences and here you are reading this. By the way, you can call me, "Celes." I would like to give thanks because you chose to read my profile. My life is full of surprises so I hope you expect me to have a variety of experiences. In 2005, I completed my Bachelors degree of Science in Computer Information Systems. Before graduating, I worked for an IT company for a few months but I felt compelled to serve God for 18 months overseas. Then, I worked for 5 years at the city's schoolboard at the IT Services Helpdesk. Later, I wanted to become my own boss. That lead me to co-managed a childcare dayhome for two years. After that, I managed my own childcare dayhome business for four years. Three years before the pandemic, I wanted to travel abroad so I chose to work online. In 2017, I found an online teaching platform and taught English online to elementary students living in China. I taught online while I lived in the Philippines for two years. When the pandemic started, I later moved back to Canada. In 2022, I decided to expand my teaching skills by teaching English to professional adults online. I currently teach English to adults online to various people in Korea, Poland, Mexico, and Peru. So far, I have lived in Canada, the Philippines, Mexico and Peru. You are now probably wondering: "What can you do for me?" Well, like I said earlier, my life is full of surprises. This also means that I used to have a lot of questions about life. I decided to equip myself with good books and good online libraries to help me find answers to my questions. Your questions might be similar to mine. I am more than happy to share them with you. One of my online resources is an online parenting course called, "Positive Parenting" by Dr. Amy McCready. Sometimes, it is hard to teach a child or a teen about mental health so I decided to buy a yearly subscription to Renee Jain's Go-Zen programs. It has a lot of information that includes an online library for members like me who have access to animated videos for several topics like anger management, anxiety transformation, growth mindset, mindfulness, panic relief, procrastination relief, resilience, and self-compassion. I have the license to show these videos to children, teens, and adults in a class or to help one to receive some mental clarity for their emotional and mental well-being. As for my own personal development, I am learning a course called "Duality" from the Mindvalley platform. It is about understanding energy and how it can heal us. Once again, thank you for taking the time to read all of this information. I hope to be able to be of service to you. As soon as we meet and discover things together, I am sure that the people around you will be lifted up as well. See you soon!

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    English for Specific Purposes / Adult Learning, ESL, challenges, peer support,
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    Peer Support, life adjustment, challenges, suicidal prevention and resources


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    Bachelor Degree
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    Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems


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