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About Me

Dr. Frania Smith has led a life dedicated to service and faith. With over a decade of experience in law enforcement, she witnessed firsthand the complexities of human behavior and the importance of mental well-being. Transitioning to mental health and social work, she further deepened her understanding of these critical areas, serving those in need with compassion and empathy. Her journey took a spiritual turn as she dedicated over seven years to ministry work, guiding and uplifting others through the teachings of faith. This path led her to pursue higher education, culminating in a doctoral degree in Biblical and Christian Counseling, complementing her Bachelor's degree in Psychology. In her book, Let's Encourage Ourselves Through the Word of God, she shares her experiences and insights, illustrating how faith and the Word can be pillars of strength and focus in life's most challenging moments. Through her words, she aims to inspire others to find their own path to resilience and purpose.

Personal Details

  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact no.
  • Primary Language
  • Primary Expertise
    Christian counseling / Mental wellness coaching
  • Secondary Expertise
    Work & Life Balance and Mental Health coaching


  • University
    Kingdom International University & Webber International University
  • College
    Polk State College
  • Type of Degree
  • Course of study
    Counseling & Psychology


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  • Country
    United States
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    Winter Haven