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Maria (Ria) is a Native New Yorker from Bushwick, Brooklyn. Her descent is Puerto Rican. Maria is the wife, mother and she is an entrepreneur. ​ She has been in the Health and Fitness, Talent/Fashion & MakeUp Artistry Profession since 1991 to present. Ria is a talent agent and model consultant in Orlando Florida and has her own skin care/cosmetic line, wellness teas and products, fitness apparel and Personal training/Wellness coaching corporation, Nutrition coach, and has studied herbs and natural medicine. She is also a Specialty Personal Trainer, group exercise coach and is a health and wellness event speaker. She renews her credentials every 1-2 years and is diligent in educating herself so that she can be an asset to those she comes in contact with. She has great knowledge of supplements as well and is constantly adding new certificate courses to her portfolio. You can visit Ria at Ruby and Rust in Winter Garden Florida where she has a retail space for her Tea Company and skincare Products. There was a time in Ria’s life that her health became a challenge. She had several illnesses and lives with autoimmune diseases that made her life difficult. Some she was born with and some was acquired during her thirties and forties. She is a cervical cancer and Ovarian cancer survivor! Undergoing numerous surgeries and treatments and surviving very difficult times, she refused to give up. Ria takes Wellness, fitness & nutrition very seriously and has learned how nutrition along with exercise can help or reverse some of the very most difficult health conditions. Her wellness seminar events that she hosts and speaks at is called “Wellness Matters & so do you” and she has a passion to educate all into or back into Wellness! Ria has written several beauty/skincare articles for magazines and blogs as a contributing writer. She is an author and wrote a fitness journal called “Becoming Well” by Ria Mali and she is an advocate for the Alzheimer’s Association and the Arthritis foundation. She believes that we may have to live with certain health conditions, but we can become THE HEALTHIEST VERSION WE CAN BE WHILE GOING THROUGH IT.

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